You are not alone!

Do you swallow your emotions with food instead of feeling it?

Have you lost the natural connection to yourself and your true needs?

Are you controlled by cravings?

Is your body suffering from a lack of nutrients?

Are you a stress eater?

You don’t feel comfortable in your body?

What Emotional Eating means

Hi, I'm Jenny!

I´ve got a looong journay so far – eating just unhealthy food and beeing overweight as a child, made me to a girl which hates her body.

After years of diet culture, restrictions and controlled eating – just to fit into a Beauty ideal I started working as a nutrition coach.

Later I discovered that not just WHAT we eat is important, also HOW we eat!

I figured out that we barely eat because we are hungry. Something else controlled our eating habits – our emotions!

So many people eat, because they are stressed, unfullfilled or frustrated.

Using food as a tool, instead seeing it as the enemie, we can discover your true needs behind it. Step by step we are building a strong connection to yourself again.

I will show you HOW!

What Emotional Eating means:

In our fast society there is often no space for our emotions – because when you feel, you can not function well.

 So already in childhood we learnt how to diconnect from our emotions and with this – from ourself.

 But emotions show up every day in our life, knocking on your door. We just can´t handle them, as they are saved as „not safe“ in our body.

 As we are scarred to feel, our nervous system switchs in survival mode, when something triggers us.

 And maybe you are not scarred to feel. Maybe you want to feel in order to be yourself again. But you just dont know how anymore..

 The last years we distracted from our emotions with Social Media, drugs or food. This unconscious behaviour has an huge impact on our lifes, as it makes us ill and moreover far away from selflove!

 You want to feel comfortable in your body again, stop suffering from self sabotaging habits and living the authentic life, which truely fullfilles you?

 Come with me on a deep transformative journey!
With the power of Manifestation we are creating a new version of yourself.



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HAPPY CLIENTS – happy me!

Jenny is a really great coach and has helped us ladies in her WhatsApp group with a lot of passion, humor and, of course, very sound knowledge. You can take the step out of your comfort zone with her, you won’t regret it

Verena (Germany)

Your coaching has brought a lot of change into my life, but change that no longer has anything to do with absolute discipline, but with understanding and which has been integrated very gently into my everyday life. Since your coaching, I eat more consciously, healthier and, above all, without a guilty conscience.

Michelle (Germany)

The best investments are in your own happiness!
A great coaching session with lots of input and suggestions from a woman with great life experience and her heart in the right place!
You will be taken by the hand and take a great journey. It’s not just about superficial and visual goals, but rather very deep personal ones!

Carolin (Germany)

Karolina Lankovska

„For years, I judged myself for my binch-eating and ate even more. I rarely went to the lake so that no one could see my body. I just felt uncomfortable.

Thanks to the lovely @jennytroeger, I got a completely different perspective on it. Through her questions and tasks in coaching, I was able to recognize where the roots of all these beliefs lie. With mindfulness exercises, I was able to ground myself and not unconsciously binge on my food. Gratitude rituals and no distractions while eating helped me to be truly present. Being the master of your hunger is simply a liberating feeling.“

Jenny is a great coach. She helps women to feel good and gives lots of tips that you can easily implement in everyday life.

Jana (Germany)

Jenny has helped me a lot with my diet. She showed me that it can be healthy and balanced and that I still don’t have to go without anything.
She also helped me on my path to self-love and gave me valuable tips. A top coaching session with a person with a good heart, because Jenny knows what she’s talking about! I would do it again and again and can only recommend it to everyone. 🙂

Josefin (Germany)

Jenny has given me a different perspective! I have tried many diets and unfortunately never had long-term success with them. It was difficult to let go of this idea at first, but Jenny made it clear to me that I didn’t have to give up anything! We have been able to incorporate all the foods that I like into my diet! I still can’t believe that losing weight can be so easy! Thank you Jenny!

Lisa (Germany)

Jennifer Fischer

„Jenny helped me to get rid of these thoughts – away from these numbers, away from constantly weighing myself… Above all, that I don’t have to give up chocolate and potato chips, but can simply listen to my body, my feelings, my heart and my soul!“

Jenny is a very caring and committed coach. Although we have a 10-hour time difference, she always has an open ear for me.
Thanks to her coaching, I’m wearing one dress size less without any sacrifices. And I’m only at the beginning of the online course!

Debora B. (New Zealand)

The group coaching was really good, lots of new ideas, information about bad habits, great good and quick recipes. It was a great 4 weeks with nice girls, inspiration that I still use today and remember with pleasure!
I can definitely recommend Jenny and her nutritional advice!

Claudia N. (Tenerife, Spain)

The coaching with Jenny helped me a lot to finally tackle the topic of weight loss, nutrition and body awareness that I had been putting off for a long time. After many failed attempts at dieting, I learned from the coaching that losing weight is not my goal at all, but rather a healthy attitude to diet and exercise. The success of losing weight then comes all by itself. What I particularly liked about Jenny Coaching was that she is so approachable and supports you with lots of practical tips and a little bit of magic. Thank you Jenny for the new attitude to life.

Antje G. (Germany)

Everything is possible – also for you! Be. the. change.